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0.6/1kv Anti Seawater Detection Cable For control cable

Anti seawater detection cable is suitable for power transmission lines and control, lighting and communication lines for mobile electrical appliances such as travelling crane, trolley and transmission machinery with AC rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below and with special requirements of cold resistance and oil resistance. Marine cable has been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, ship, port and other industries. Split phase shielded nitrile flat cable is suitable for inverter power supply cable.

    Cable Features:

    Anti seawater detection cable has the advantages of anti seawater detection cable, such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, seawater resistance, hydrolysis resistance, anti-interference, high tensile strength, anti fish bite, high safety, material saving and cost reduction.

    Product Structure:

    1. Refer to table 2 of Appendix A for the DC resistance of finished cable conductor (class R) (in accordance with gb3956).

    2. Adopt imported special waterproof insulation and sheath materials.

    3. Special design and manufacturing process.

    4. The insulation resistance is not less than 50m Ω / km at 20 ℃;

    5. The finished cable will not break down under the AC 50 Hz 3.5 kV / 5 min voltage test.