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Charging pile cable for new energy cars

The working environment temperature is – 25 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, and the maximum line temperature is 70 ℃. The rated voltage is ac450 / 750V. The allowable short circuit temperature can reach 200 ℃ for 5 seconds. The insulation and sheath are made of halogen-free thermoplastic elastomer material, which has excellent flexibility and meets the requirements of European Rosh. Cold resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, UV resistance. Resistance to external pressure and thermal stress. Through the single vertical combustion test (2pfg 1908), high flame retardant.

    Construction & Application

    Connections between electric vehicles and AC charging piles.

    1.Conductor:VDE 0295/IEC 60228 Class 6 Tinned copper

    2.Insulation:Special silicone rubber

    3.Shield:No/Yes Optional

    4.Outer Sheath: Special silicone rubber

    5.Color:On request

    6.Flexible cable for vehicle

    7.Low voltage : 600/1000V



    High flexibility, minimum bending radius up to 5 * OD (nominal cable diameter), easy to install and use. 

    Excellent resistance to external load pressure and thermal stress: pass 2pfg1908 on-board pressure test, high temperature pressure test and crack resistance test. Good oil resistance (mineral oil resistance, fuel resistance, gasoline resistance). Strong resistance to use environment: pass the anti UV test of 2pfg1908. Excellent low temperature toughness: pass 2pfg1908-35 ℃ low temperature bending test, – 35 ℃ cold extension test, – 25 ℃ cold impact test