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Heavy Duty Universal Rubber Sheathed Cable YC-YCM

YC cable, also known as heavy-duty universal rubber sheathed cable, is a type of commonly known rubber sheathed wire. YC cables are suitable for household appliances, electric tools, and various mobile electrical equipment or light mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage below 450/750V, or for temporary construction on construction sites. They can withstand large mechanical external forces. The long-term allowable working temperature of the wire core should not exceed 60 ℃.

    Product Characteristics

    YC cables are mainly multi-core cables, with commonly used types including 2-core, 3-core, 4-core, and 5-core. The area of copper cores ranges from 0.75 to tens of square meters.

    Rubber sheathed cable is a flexible and movable type of cable made up of multiple strands of fine copper wire as the conductor, wrapped with rubber insulation and rubber sheath Generally speaking, it includes various types such as universal rubber sheathed flexible cables, welding machine cables, submersible motor cables, radio device cables, and photography light source cables.

    Rubber sheathed cables are widely used in various electrical equipment, such as mobile power lines for household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment, and appliances. They can also be used in indoor or outdoor environmental conditions. According to the mechanical external forces acting on the cables, they are divided into three categories in product structure: light, medium, and heavy, and have appropriate connections in cross-section. Generally, light rubber sheathed cables are used in household appliances, small electric equipment, and require flexibility, lightness, and good bending performance; Medium rubber sheathed cables are widely used in agricultural electrification, in addition to industrial applications. Heavy cables are used in situations such as port machinery, searchlights, and large-scale hydraulic drainage and irrigation stations in household industries. These products have good versatility, complete series specifications, good performance, and stability.