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Single Steel Wire Overhead Control Cable

Single wire overhead control cable, also known as RVV1G cable, is a cable used for connecting and controlling overhead electric hoists. There are tensile fillers between the cable cores of the electric hoist cable, and a layer of non-woven fabric buffer between the core wire and the protective sleeve. There is one galvanized steel wire under high strength, which has high tensile and tear resistance, while maintaining the flexibility of the cable.

    Product Characteristics

    1. The single steel wire overhead control cable can be continuously bent and used with the equipment, and has super strong bending resistance, high flexibility, wear resistance, oil pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, UV protection, waterproof, flame retardant, tension resistance and other properties.

    Application scope

    Single steel wire crane control cables are widely used in industries such as lifting, transportation, machinery, electrical, mining, metallurgy, ports and docks for crane control; Train control cables are generally used for operating voltages below 450/750V, with an ambient temperature of -55~70 ℃.

    Special performance: Nitrile composite material for insulation and sheath of flat cables; Improve the flexibility and anti-corrosion and cold resistance of cables; According to customer requirements, steel wire ropes can be added on both sides of the wire core to enhance the anti swelling strength of the cable.

    product mix

    Conductor: Made of 99.9999% annealed tensile oxygen free copper, in compliance with VDE0295 class 6 standard.

    Reinforcement: high-strength galvanized aviation steel wire.

    Insulation: Made of wear-resistant nitrile mixture specifically for flat cables.

    Insulation color: Multiple colors can be customized.

    Package: Non woven fabric.

    Sheath: Made of wear-resistant nitrile mixture specifically designed for driving cables.

    Color: Black, customizable in other colors.