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Waterproof Cable for Submersible Pump

Waterproof cable is suitable for marine exploration, seabed exploration, submersible pump, metallurgy, underwater operation, underwater robot, underwater scene light Submersible pump cable is mainly used in submarine survey, submersible pump, underwater robot, underwater lighting, metallurgy, power, ship, port, oil exploration and other equipment. It has been widely used in seabed exploration, metallurgy, electric power, ships, ports, oil exploration, mines and other working conditions.

    Waterproof cable has radial and longitudinal waterproof and water blocking performance: It can work normally in the water depth of 0-300 meters. It has cold resistance (- 40 ℃ – 80 ℃), UV protection, flexibility, wear resistance, tensile strength, oil resistance and other special properties.

    Cable Structure

    1. Refer to table 2 of Appendix A for the DC resistance of finished cable conductor (class R) (in accordance with gb3956).

    2. Adopt imported special waterproof insulation and sheath materials.

    3. Special design and manufacturing process.

    4. The insulation resistance is not less than 50m Ω / km at 20 ℃.

    5. The finished cable will not break down under the AC 50 Hz 3.5 kV / 5 min voltage test.

    Cable Features:

    1. Suitable for seawater and fresh water.

    2. Suitable for 300 meters underwater.

    3. Fixed & Mobile installation and use.

    4. Have the patent of anti sea water detection cable.