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Reeling Cable

Reeling Cable is widely used in crane, mining rock drill, electric scraper, claw bucket, container crane… other large port lifting equipment.

Long service life and stable quality, wear-resistant PUR materical and resistant to harsh environment, suitable for outdoor use. It has long service life & stable quality.

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Drag Chain Cable

Flexible Drag Chain Cable offer a small diameter and high flexibility, making them well suited for use in precise and detailed operations such as numerical control machine etc fast move applications.

Festoon Cable

The Festoon Cable is suspended in “W” shape, which is used for lateral mobile equipment, such as traveling crane, trolley, transmission machinery,  metallurgy, electric power, ship, logistics transmission system, port machinery and other equipment.

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Waterproof Cable

Waterproof Cable have neutral floating & ROV robot cable 2 types, It’s suitable for underwater exploration, deep-sea monitoring, various types of submersible motor lead wire, deep-water retractable / towed wire and cable. It is widely used in underwater robots, submersible pumps and various underwater electrical appliances.

Elevator Cable

Elevator Traveling Cable is mainly used in elevator control system. The cable adopts special structure design and has long service life. It can provide overall electrical control under the condition of long suspension length. At the same time, it can withstand large mechanical impact stress. The shielding design ensures stable signal transmission.

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Robot Cable

Robot Cable is mainly used in robot automation system and mobile industrial equipment, such as robot arm, automobile production line, logistics handling equipment, spraying equipment, etc.

It has the characteristics of bending resistance, torsion resistance, tensile resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali resistance.