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Lead bead chain spreader reel cable

2024-03-25 15:11:25

Port hoisting machinery control cables, because in the windy seaside harbor operations, often vulnerable to gusts of wind such as 9-10 wind impact, causing the cable to swing greatly and out of the basket, not only affecting the safe use of the cable, and the large swing is difficult to put away with the lifting. In order to ensure the normal work of the cable, the cable is required to have enough weight to resist the strong wind blowing. However, the cable is usually filled with fiber materials, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of weight gain. If the use of metal filler or jacket metal tube weight, although the weight effect can be achieved, but this weight after bending the cable is not easy to restore the original shape, easy to form a "lantern string" shape, not only easy to cause the breakdown of the insulated core, and the cable breaks, and it is difficult to close the disk, can not meet the use requirements.

Solution: The utility model relates to a kind of cable weighting.

The utility model relates to a kind of filling material for cable weight increasing, especially the lead bead chain for windproof weight increasing of port hoisting machinery control cable.


Suitable for port terminal lifting equipment feeder cables, especially used in the very high mechanical stress of the cable storage basket vertical cage occasions.

Product Features.

Long service life and stable quality, imported polyurethane material is more wear-resistant and resistant to harsh environments, suitable for outdoor use.

The cable contains lead bead chain inside, which strengthens the tensile performance of the cable and increases the weight of the cable, avoiding the shaking and affecting the normal use of the machine when it is windy and other bad environments.

Lead bead chain spreader reel cable adopts unique double-sheath structure design, braided Kevlar tensile fiber between the sheath, and imported PUR polyurethane materials, high strength, high abrasion resistance, effective protection of the cable from external forces of crushing, dragging, but also to avoid the use of the cable in the process of kinking, bulging, deformation, core breakage, greatly extending the service life of the cable.